Ordering and Policy Information

Changes and Cancellations

  • Changes must be made within five (5) business days from the date of the order.
  • Any Cancellations or Changes to an Online Order will result in a 35% fee.
  • Any changes or cancellations to a Dealer Order will result in a 35% fee.
  • Customized or Special Orders and all Group 2 and Living Finish products are non-cancelable and non-returnable.


  • Pricing and product are subject to change without notice.


  • All Federal, State or Local Taxes, when applicable, will be added.

Authorized Dealer Terms

  • 1% 10 days, net 30. (Non payment after 45 days is subject to 1% monthly late charge on unpaid balance)

Freight Policy

  • Product shipped to destinations in the United States and Canada will be F.O.B. our factory, freight charges will be added to the invoice. Customers are responsible for Tax and Duties.
  • All orders for $4,500 net or more excluding Outdoor Showers, shipping direct to Phylrich Dealer accounts in the Continental United States, will be FFA.
  • We will not drop ship outside the Phylrich sales territory to which a customer is assigned.


  • All claims for shortages or damages must be made within five (5) business days of receipt of goods by the customer.

Return Policy

  • Purchases made at WWW.PHYLRICH.COM can be returned within 30 days of purchase. Must be accompanied with a Return Materials Authorization form.
  • Before making an Online return, please email online@phylrich.com to request an RMA.
  • Dealers requesting an RMA please email returns@phylrich.com
  • Any Cancellations or Changes to an Order will result in a 10% fee.
  • A 35% restocking fee will be assessed for any return.
  • If received over 6 monthsfrom the date of the invoice, a minimum 50% restocking fee will be assessed for Dealers.
  • All returned items must be in new, resalable condition and include original packaging and all hardware and accessories.
  • Shipping charges in connection with the original delivery of the product are non-refundable. The return shipping cost is the responsibility of the customer.
  • Once the item is received back, it will be inspected and if found to be unused, in it's original packaging, and in brand-new condition, a refund will be issued. If these conditions are not met, we reserve the right to reduce the refund or offer no credit accordingly.
  • Dealers can return acceptable product up to 1 year from the date of Invoice. 
  • Credits issued for Product returns are only good for 180 days from the date of credit issued.
  • PHYLRICH does not accept Debits


To: All PHYLRICH® Authorized Distributors ~~

  • PHYLRICH® Internet Advertising and Sales Policy
    • This letter outlines the details of a newly established PHYLRICH® Internet MinimumAdvertised Price(IMAP) of10% off current list price replacing the January 2019Unilateral Suggested Minimum Advertised Price (USMAP) policyof 20% off list price.
    • ThisNewPolicyeffective immediately,is designed to maintain the high qualityreputation ofthePHYLRICH®brand and its products. This policy applies toALL onlinesales, online advertising, and online promotion ofPHYLRICH®products. This includesplacements on websites, socialmedia, banner ads, emails andURLlanding pages.
  • Authorized Websites for Selling
    • PHYLRICH® authorized dealers may sell or advertise PHYLRICH® products ONLY on their respective dealer designated website(s) which have been pre-approved by PHYLRICH® in writing. Should the dealer redesign its website substantially then it agrees to submit the new design to PHYLRICH® for approval.
    • Authorized dealers ARE NOT authorized to sell PHYLRICH® products to or through ANY third‐party market places (such as Amazon, Facebook and eBay) or by any other online means.
    • The websites of all authorized dealers selling PHYLRICH® products online must be kept current and regularly updated, product information and descriptions must be accurate, and the quality and design of the website must be appropriate for the PHYLRICH® brand as approved by PHYLRICH®.
    • A website selling PHYLRICH® product must clearly show the name and showroom address of the authorized PHYLRICH® dealer with which it is affiliated.
    • Websites selling or advertising PHYLRICH® product must not display the percentage off list price being charged (i.e. “Item is 10% lower than MSRP”).
    • Authorized dealers are prohibited from selling PHYLRICH® products to any person, company, or entity that the dealer knows or should reasonably know might resell the PHYLRICH® products on a third‐party marketplace or auction site or in some other unauthorized manner.
  • Authorized Online Retailer List
    • PHYLRICH® will maintain a list of dealers and their websites authorized to sell PHYLRICH® products online. To request to be added to this list a dealer must provide PHYLRICH® with the web address it uses to conduct online sales as well as the address of its showroom. This request should be sent to online@phylrich.com. PHYLRICH® will review the website and will make the decision (at its sole discretion) whether to add it to the Approved Online Retailer List.
  • Unauthorized Online Retailer List
    • PHYLRICH® will also maintain a list of online retailers and/or websites NOT approved to sell PHYLRICH® products online. Authorized PHYLRICH® dealers must NOT sell PHYLRICH® product to entities on this list. PHYLRICH® reserves the right to void the warranty of any product sold by a seller on the Unapproved Online Retailer List or anyone prohibited from selling as provided above.
  • Advertised Pricing/Pricing
    • PHYLRICH® has established an Internet Minimum Advertised Price (IMAP) that applies to all sales and advertising of PHYLRICH® products on the Internet.
    • Minimum Prices: Internet Minimum Advertised Price (IMAP) will be applicable to all online sales and advertisements. PHYLRICH® IMAP is 10% off current list price. List price is subject to change at any time and the PHYLRICH® website www.Phylrich.com maintains correct list pricing.
    • The advertised price of a product covered by this policy CANNOT represent a discount below10% off the current published list price. Not with standing the foregoing, an authorized dealer may sell a PHYLRICH® Product at below IMAP, and nothing in this policy shall restrict a dealer’s freedom to quote prices at below IMAP in response to customer inquiries via email or telephone.
    • Additional Discounts: Promotional codes, instant rebates and other promotional activities that serve to effectively lower the advertised price below the IMAP are NOT permitted in any form.
    • Maximum Prices: PHYLRICH® does not establish maximum advertised prices. Dealers may advertise a PHYLRICH® product at or above the IMAP established price.
    • Free/Reduced Cost:Free or reduced shipping/handling, 0% sales tax, or free financing are permissible and do not violate PHYLRICH®IMAP.
    • Discontinued Products: IMAP does not apply to products discontinued by PHYLRICH®.
  • Violations
    • PHYLRICH® reserves the right to investigate the advertising and pricing discount structure of PHYLRICH® products by its authorized dealers, as well as any other conduct related to the sale of PHYLRICH® products. If PHYLRICH® verifies a customer to be in violation of the terms of this Policy it will take action in response. Responses to Policy violations may include, but are not limited to:
      • Temporary or permanent suspension of authorization to make internet sales
      • Temporary or permanent loss of authorized PHYLRICH® dealer status
  • Physical Showrooms
    • PHYLRICH® realizes that despite the increase in importance of internet sales, there is still an undeniable need for “brick and mortar” locations to display and sell products. As such, PHYLRICH® has sole discretion whether to not authorize a dealer to sell PHYLRICH® products online unless said vendor also maintains one or more physical showrooms that are in compliance with the PHYLRICH®Authorized Dealer Display Guidelines.
    • PHYLRICH® reserves the right to change and enforce this Policy as it sees fit.
    • Please ensure that all appropriate people in your organization receive this policy letter. This policy is subject to change at any time.
Thank you for your continuing support.
Sincerely, Geoffrey Escalette (President)



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